Vivo’s the first tech company to produce in-screen fingerprint sensor, and it’s 2x faster than Apple’s Face ID

Photo from Pixabay
  • Vivo will soon release phones with in-screen fingerprint sensors into displays
  • Synaptics claim that the new innovation works twice faster than 3D facial recognition
  • Analyst Patrick Moorhead described the experience using the technology as “fast and simple”

Welcome to the future!

Technology experts discovered a way to incorporate fingerprint sensors into displays, and it will be available first via Vivo phones.

The new innovation works twice as fast as 3D facial recognition, what Apple’s Face ID uses, claims Synaptics. It is a hard thing, however, to realistically measure the speed considering the mechanisms that each system uses in practice, posted The Verge.

Patrick Moorhead, an analyst, described the experience using the technology as “fast and simple.”

“The CMOS image sensor is .7mm thick and reads the fingerprint right through the OLED display. The experience was faster than I expected,” he posted on Twitter.

The integration of fingerprint sensors into displays is viewed as a way to include convenient biometric authentication on phones with “all-screen” designs.

Vivo is among the world’s major smartphone manufacturer. It ranked fifth in the first quarter of 2017, and sixth in the second quarter. The brand’s also the third in India.

Oppo, Oneplus, and Vivo are companies under BBK electronics.