Watch: This tearjerker SM holiday ad will make you believe in ‘second chances’

Image capture from SM Supermalls video via Facebook

Christmas, many say, is for families, especially for the kids.

With this in mind, retail giant SM Supermalls has just released another promotional video that will certainly make anyone reach for a box of tissue.

The advertisement centered on the story of a family celebrating Christmas together, as any Filipino family does.

It was obvious from the beginning  the couple has some sort of a marital rift, although the story does not say how bad it is. The wife, however, did not make much effort to hide her feelings.

Apparently, they went on a  ‘family bonding’ holiday together just for the kids’ sake.

And so goes the part where one of the kids wrote her wish for the family.

The wish?  Your guess is as good as mine…

Watch and prepare to shed a tear or two:

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