Woman calls out actress Sue Ramirez for flashing middle finger, actress apologizes later

Image from SueAnnaDoodles' Instagram account
  • A businesswoman called out Sue Ramirez for her rude behavior
  • The Kapamilya actress allegedly flashed the middle or dirty finger sign 
  • The actress apologized later

A 51-year-old businesswoman censured actress Sue Ramirez for her alleged rude behavior during an incident over a parking slot of a restaurant in Parañaque.

The woman, as per a LionhearTV story, took to a social media networking site to express her disappointment over the young actress’ flashing of a dirty finger sign just because she beat her to a vacant parking slot.

The woman added that when she confronted Sue, the actress denied she made the dirty finger sign and pointed to a companion as the one who did it.

Here’s the woman’s post on Facebook, which she already deleted after the actress apologized to her:

Image from Jeanette Terrenal Alba via Facebook

And here’s Miss Alba’s post after the actress apologized:

Image from Jeanette Terrenal Alba via Facebook