Yul Servo defends friendship with Piolo Pascual amidst decade-long rumors linking them

Images by Piolo Pascual via Instagram account and Yul Servo Nieto via Facebook page

Yul Servo shrugged off the decade-long rumor that there is something beyond friendship between him and Piolo Pascual.

Yul and Piolo, both looking good at 40 years old, remain to be good friends. Piolo is godfather to three of Yul’s five kids. Yul is now a congressman in the 1st district of Manila.

Yul shared that he no longer gets affected with the issue. He told Pep, “Hindi na, okay na sa akin. Wala na, wala na sa akin.” [It doesn’t get to me. It’s now okay with me. ]

He admits that even before, Piolo doesn’t get affected about it. Yul said, “Ako pa nga ang medyo [naaapektuhan] dati. Pero sa kanya, wala.” [I’m the one who gets affected before but to him, no.]

Yul even goes to jokingly share that before Piolo became a born-again Christian, he had a lot of girls. Yul also added that Piolo is still yet to find the “right girl” so there are no talks about marriage yet.

Yul also defended their friendship by saying, “Kasi, parang wala namang ano, e, okay naman ‘yung pagkakaibigan namin, e. Tsaka nakita ko namang mabuti siyang tao.”

[It seems like we don’t have any (conflicts), our friendship is okay. I have also seen that he is a good person.]

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