5-foot-long tapeworm ‘wiggles out’ of man who ate raw fish almost every day

Image via Wikimedia Commons

A man’s love for sushi cost him a visit to a hospital for a very bizarre reason – a tapeworm which he initially suspected to be part of his intestines.

Dr. Kenny Banh from Fresno emergency department said that the man, whose name was not revealed, walked into the hospital, asking for treatment for worms.

But when the patient opened a plastic bag, the “giant” parasite was inside, wrapped around a toilet roll.

“Apparently it was still wriggling when he put it in the bag but it had died in transit,” Banh said.

The incident happened last August 2017 but was revealed by Dr. Banh in a medical podcast post ‘It won’t hurt a bit’; a show that mixes medical topics with laughs.

Apparently, the man thought he had pulled out a part of his intestines after his trip to the bathroom while he was having diarrhea.

“And he thinks it’s very odd. He doesn’t get it until he pulls it out, and then it wiggles and he drops it and is like oh. It’s a worm,” said Dr. Banh.

The tapeworm measures five and a half feet long.

The man brought the parasite with him to the hospital, wrapped around an empty toilet paper roll, along with a hypothesis.

“He says the one thing I like, that I love, I love sushi, specifically salmon sashimi and I eat it every day,” said Dr. Banh.

According to Medline Plus, raw fish is a reasonable cause for an infestation. The tapeworm had likely been growing in the man’s intestines for at least six months.