After his Tesla Car, SpaceX Elon Musk sells … flamethrowers!

Image via The Boring Company Website
  • Musk posted a video to his Instagram account in which he is seen firing up one of the flamethrowers
  • The company claims to have sold 10,000 units of the flamethrowers already

Tesla President Elon Musk loves high-tech toys.

The billionaire entrepreneur, who heads SpaceX and the electric-car company Tesla, unveiled a new line of flamethrowers for his tunneling project, The Boring Company, over the weekend with an Instagram video.

During the the 7-second video, Musk fires up the flamethrower, runs at the camera with a big smile on his face,  “Don’t do this. Also, I want to be clear that a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one. Unless you like fun,” Musk wrote in the Instagram post.

Musk also claims that the company has already sold 10,000 units of the $500 weapon. He argues, however, wanting to limit production to 20,000 units and the sale of flamethrowers is only one way to finance the activities of the company.

The company says it’s the “safest in the world” flamethrower. It also ensures that the product “will set the mood for any party.”

To avoid any unwanted incident to the use of this product, The Boring Company also offers fire extinguishers sold at a cost of $30.