Airport firm in baggage theft asks Duterte to ‘reconsider’ termination of their contract

Image by MIASCOR
  • MIASCOR appealed to the President to reconsider the termination of their contract; saying 4,000 regular employees will be affected
  • Duterte ordered MIAA to end its contract with MIASCOR following the baggage pilferage incident in Clark International Airport
  • MIASCOR apologized and reached a settlement with the victim and fired the 6 erring employees

MIASCOR Groundhandling Corporation appealed to Duterte to reconsider the termination of contract for the sake of their 4,000 employees.

President Rodrigo Duterte had a firm hand when he made true his words that they will terminate the contract of MIASCOR Groundhandling Corporation. Following the baggage pilferage incident, the Manila International Airport Authority’s (MIAA) ended its contract with their MIASCOR and asked them to wind down their operations within 60 days.

MIASCOR‘s statement had been quoted by ABS-CBN saying, “We shall formally issue an appeal to the President to kindly reconsider his position on behalf of our almost 4,000 regular employees and their families who will be affected.”

“It is unfortunate that the actions of 6 erring employees in Clark International Airport have negatively impacted the company,” it said.

The company have already issued an apology and reached an amicable settlement with the victim, Jovenil Dela Cruz. They also fired the six employees who admitted to the crime and charged them with criminal offenses.