Airport Police Department intelligence personnel deployed at NAIA tarmac to foil luggage theft

Image capture of video by ANC
  • MIAA deployed covert agents at NAIA tarmac to monitor luggage handlers
  • The deployment of intelligence personnel came following the luggage pilferage incident at Clark International Airport
  • Duterte ordered MIAA to cancel the contract of Miascor Ground Handling Corporation

The Manila International Airport Authority ((MIAA) deployed several intelligence personnel from the Airport Police Department to conduct covert operation against baggage handlers involved in luggage pilferage.

As mentioned in a Manila Standard story, MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal said the intelligence personnel will be pretending as workers from other airport departments assigned at the tarmac of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) so they can discreetly observe transportation of baggage of air travellers at the aircraft to and from the luggage build-up station.

The luggage build-up station is the area where all luggage of both arriving and outgoing passengers are being sorted and loaded toward the baggage carousel at the arrival area and at the plane, respectively.

The area is jointly manned by airline employees and airport baggage handling and security personnel.

The deployment of covert agents at NAIA tarmac came following the luggage pilferage incident at the Clark international Airport several days ago perpetrated by employees of Miascor Ground Handling Corp.

MIAA ordered Miascor to vacate the airport complex and terminals within 60 days following President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive to terminate the contract of the luggage handling company.