Cheerful Albayanos do the “Chili Cha Cha” in the rain during funeral, as requested by the departed

Image capture of video by Agnes Marilag's Facebook post
  • A video of a funeral on the way to the cemetery has gone viral
  • The people, believed to be Albayanos, danced to the funeral car’s cha-cha tune while wearing smiles amid rain and mourning
  • The dearly departed, before she died, wished for a funeral without tears –  “no  crying please”  – and for the mourners to “dance happily” 

The Filipino culture has a tradition of parading the d**d on the streets before being buried. The usual picture is sad faces, sad songs being played via the funeral car, and a very slow pace of walking towards the burial grounds. But this video shows the exact opposite.

In a viral video shared by Agnes Marilag two weeks ago on Facebook, the happy ‘mourners’ believed to be from Guinobatan, Albay paraded their departed loved one in the streets in a considerably unique style.

The moment you play the video, the catchy tune of cha-cha will surprise you along with the – supposed to be crying people – having quite a lot of fun.

As the funeral march takes place amid the rain, the drenched men and women dance forward and backward, side to side, while the one taking the video says sige, balbal! [Hit it!]

At video time (-3:40) a lady exclaimed “baysana umabot kita alas otso… basta nasunod ang gusto… wara iribian…” [It’s OK if this takes us ’til 8 o’clock… as long as the wish is granted… no crying].

And another lady shouted “amo bagang gusto ni hermana!” [It’s what sister wanted].

As the video played longer, the people’s dance went livelier after the music changed to a more modern cha-cha, Jeesica Jay’s Chilly Cha Cha. The video already has more than 2,500 shares and 208,000 views as of posting.

What do you think about this? Do you want to see your loved ones who have all gathered just for you to have fun —  or to cry their hearts out?