That special moment: Color-blind boy sees the real world for the first time

Image capture of video by Bronwen Du Preez via Viral TRND
  • A boy who’s color blind since birth received the best material gift he could receive from his mother
  • A moment so memorable for both boy and mom

Before we jump into conclusions about the authenticity of the boy’s condition, know that being color blind has different types. Being color blind doesn’t mean you can only see black, white and gray, but sometimes you view colors in a different shade or hue. Being color blind doesn’t also mean you can’t learn to name or identify colors.

In a video shared by Bronwen Keane du Preez and featured by the Viral Trend Facebook page, a mother’s love and a sweet child’s reaction touched the hearts of millions of viewers.

The video starts as a cheerful, fun clip with balloons of different colors being identified one by one by the boy named CJ. But it gets to a sad point for every parent watching; that feeling, seeing their child give the wrong answers to something related in school.

CJ guessed the orange balloon to be green, the blue balloon to be purple, and so on; no correct answer. But we can’t blame him, as he has a rare condition and he only says what he sees to be true for him.

Later on, his mother told him to open his Christmas present which, apparently, didn’t seem to excite him when he saw what’s inside; asking: “What’s this for?”

“My sunglasses… I need sunglasses,” he starts to accept it as ‘regular’ sunglasses; saying “look at the pattern” — pertaining to the varying colors of the lenses.

And so he tries them on and instantaneously he said: “Huh?… Oh my God.”

You just got to watch this and see for yourself how magical that moment was for the boy:

Have you ever wondered how color blind people see the world? Watch this educational video shared by Mind Warehouse via YouTube:

For those still wondering, the sunglasses CJ received is not the typical one. It is something called “Enchroma” sunglasses which automatically adjusts the color for someone who is color blind. You can research more about this Enchroma if you have loved ones who also need one or you can ask questions from CJ’s mother. She even said “feel free to ask me” in her comment on the video shared via Facebook:

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