Customers, waiters brawl in Naga City leaves 1 d**d, 5 wounded

Image capture of video by a netizen's deleted Facebook post
  • A bar supervisor was k****d and five others were wounded in a brawl between customers and bar personnel in Naga City
  • The commotion started in a bar and ensued on the streets that didn’t stop until police came

Jeric Recasio, a bar supervisor, was k****d in a rumble that started in a bar along Barlin Street and continued on the streets of Barangay Sta. Cruz, Naga City around 5:15 a.m. Sunday.

In a deleted video previously shared on Facebook by a netizen, two men were captured  punching a man who was lying on the ground.

The two were identified as Aladino Fernandez and Joshua Francisco; waiters of the aforementioned bar.

The commotion reportedly started when a group of five customers (two women and three men) were not allowed to order another round of drinks, due to the time factor as it was almost dawn.

Reports said Recasio was declared d**d on arrival at a hospital. He was stabbed in the neck inside the bar’s comfort room. One of the waiters pointed to one of the male customers as the one who stabbed Recasio.

The authorities fetched the five customers from the hospital to bring them to the police station, for investigation. However, the two females have managed to leave, according to ABS CBN news.

The three men refused to give any statement regarding the incident.

Several incidents of violence have been occurring recently in the area, this was according to the police. Some establishments and spots reportedly have no CCTVs or security guards.

With the help of witnesses, the three suspects will be facing charges of physical injuries, malicious mischief, estafa and murder.

However, report said the three men are also planning to file a “countercase.”