De Lima calls on Facebook to remove fake news and malicious propaganda against her

Image by Leila de Lima via Facebook page
  • Senator Leila de Lima sought Facebook’s assistance in removing fake news against her
  • The senator said these fake news stories all aim to tarnish and besmirch her reputation
  • It has been a year since her ‘fiery privilege speech’ against the spread of fake news on social media

Senator Leila de Lima is once again seeking the assistance of Facebook in removing fake news stories spreading against her.

In a statement posted on her Facebook account, the opposition senator called out Facebook; stating all the “fake news stories and clips against her which are obviously meant to deliberately mislead the public and besmirch her reputation.”

Sen. De Lima urged Facebook to take action and consider the seriousness of the proliferation of fake news stories on social media. She said, “As the world’s most-used and largest social network, the people behind Facebook should take disinformation seriously, considering that not everyone is well-versed about the distinction between fake news, propaganda, satire and fiction.”

The senator also pointed out the existence of “shadowy people” who continue to make “questionable accounts” to deliberately spread lies and tarnish respectable people’s image and reputation.

She also went on to name the fake news stories against her that have been spreading like wildfire online. Among these are:
* that she had stepped down as senator
* that she purchased a $6-million mansion in New York, USA
* that UK congratulated the Senate for ousting De Lima
* that detained De Lima was hospitalized after attempting suicide

Back in January 2017, Senator De Lima first delivered her privilege speech denouncing the spread of fake news. She described it as “like a virus that could bring about a zombie apocalypse.”

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