Dog refuses to leave late owner’s grave

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  • Adoring little Deta refused to leave her owner’s grave in a heartwrenching clip
  • The dog’s 86-year-old owner died a few months ago
  • Deta is now looked after by the owner’s daughter, Theresa Morini

This video is the best proof that a dog is indeed a man’s best friend.

A dog is caught in a video curling up on the grave of the owner who p*********y in September.

Little Deta, who is now living with her owner’s daughter Theresa Morini, visited for the first time the grave of her owner. Deta instantly laid beside the grave and refused to leave.

No one was prepared for the heartbreaking scene; proving how loyal the dog was to her owner.

In the viral video which was posted last November 15, Theresa was heard being reduced to tears by the little dog’s act.

“Oh my God. It’s making me cry. Deta! Deta! Deta!” she said.

According to Theresa via Metro, her husband eventually had to scoop Deta up and carry her back to the car.

Posting online, she said: ‘Deta belonged to my mother for five years and I inherited Deta on my mothers’ d***h. My mother was 86 when she passed and rarely left her home.”

“Deta was a constant companion,” she added.

You may watch the video shared by AIO Entertainment via YouTube. Click the image  below to see video.

Click the image to watch the video