Look: Jericho Rosales’ house is like a summer getaway resort

Images via BujiBrownlegs' Instagram account
  • Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones’ house looks like a resort
  • The house was designed by the actor’s best friend, architect Bufi Libarnes
  • The outdoor’s tropical-touch is what makes it more resort-like

Actor Jericho Rosales and wife Kim Jones both love the water and being under the sun. It’s no wonder that the design of their modern home has some resort-inspired portions.

According to Esquire, Jericho’s best friend, architect Buji Libarnes, designed the minimalist, all-white home.

Libarnes posted some of the photos of the house on Instagram thanking Esquire and Real Living for featuring the Rosales’ home:

“Thank you @RealLivingph and @EsquirePh for featuring the Rosales House. Really honored to be one of this year’s Real Living’s creatives to watch,” he said in his caption.

Indoor plants, laminated wood floors, neutral color of walls, and jalousie windows are just some of the house’s components which make the house feel like you’re actually relaxing in an exclusive resort.

What’s making it more summer-feel is the outdoor which is set for parties. With a long table, wooden benches, and a pool surrounded by plants with tropical touches are sure to give you a perfect vacation-like getaway to just chill out and enjoy.