Luis on becoming a father someday: “I want to be a perfect balance of my mom and dad”

Images by Edu Manzano and Luis Manzano via Instagram accounts
  • Luis Manzano is excited to become a father someday
  • He admires the way he was brought up by his celebrity parents, Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano

Luis Manzano revealed that unlike some men, he is excited about being a father. He doesn’t seem scared but actually looks forward to parenthood. He shared with Pep, “It puts a smile on my face. ‘Di ba, some people are afraid of that thought? But ako, I entertain it, I enjoy it.  I can’t wait for the thought of it to be a reality.”

When asked about what kind of father he will become, the 36-year-old host got candid and admitted, “I’m a bit excited and scared to find out.”

Luis shared his admiration for his celebrity parents, Gov. Vilma Santos and Edu Manzano. He hopes that he gets to become like them someday. The Kapamilya star said, “Siguro, I’d like to think na, I was raised okay. So, whatever my dad put in, whatever my mom put in, ‘di ba, I’m thankful.”

“Siguro that’s the perfect balance. I think whatever they put in, my mom and dad, that’s how exactly I would raise my child, too,” Luis continued.

He went on to explain that her parents have what we call the “gift of influence.” Luis said, “I guess it’s how they treat people. It’s so natural. For me, it’s magic to watch… how a simple rub on a shoulder or a pat on the back might mean so much to a person for my dad and my mom.”