Man facing amputation plans to break up with girlfriend, but gets a surprise proposal from her instead

Image capture of video via YouTube

Upon learning that he was going to get amputated, a Taiwanese man thought it would be better to break up with his girlfriend. However, the woman, rather than letting him end their relationship, asked him to marry her.

It was later found out that the couple had previously been engaged and was planning to get married some time in 2018, but the guy was, unfortunately, involved in a car accident. The treatment would likely involve amputation, according to his doctors.

In fear of being a burden to her, he then suggested that they break up but she had other plans.

Dressed in her wedding gown while carrying a bouquet of white flowers, she walked into his hospital room in New Taipei City and in front of their group of friends, she asked him: “If you will take me as your wife, then will you accept these flowers?”

The guy took the flowers and then took her into his arms and they shared a sweet kiss while their friends cheered them on. He then promised he will do everything he can to get better so he can keep hold of her hand for the rest of their lives.

Only two words to describe such —-  true love.

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Asiaone, Medium