Man stabs drinking buddy with “tari” over P20 tricycle fare argument in Butuan

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  • A man got stabbed by his friend Thursday morning in Butuan City
  • Reports said the workmates had an altercation over P20 tricycle fare 

Two construction workmates, Jonathan Torres and Richard Enaw, were on their way home in Butuan City after a drinking session.

They decided to share a P20 tricycle ride but somehow the trip home ended tragically.

According to Butuan City Police Station 3, Torres refused to give his P10 share and an argument ensued. It eventually turned into a brawl.

One reportedly chased the other, until Torres stabbed his friend Enaw with a tari (cockfighting weapon).

The police apprehended the suspect after the incident.

Torres explained that he only did it for self defense; saying that Enaw almost hit him hard with a steel plate.

The victim’s mother is enraged over the incident and is intent on filing a complaint against Torres. Her son Enaw is being treated at a hospital.

Meanwhile, Torres is facing frustrated homicide.

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