Maria Ozawa seeks Raffy Tulfo’s help regarding Uber driver: Problem solved!

Image by Raffy Tulfo in Action's Facebook post
  • Maria Ozawa sought the help of Raffy Tulfo regarding a recent problem and she was not disappointed 
  • She recently got upset over text messages she received after an Uber driver ‘gave away’ her phone number

Japanese actress Maria Ozawa went to TV5’s Aksyon sa Tanghali program to ask for assistance regarding a problem that has been “disturbing” her.

Initially, she thought the Uber driver shared her phone number to other people. It turned out, however, the man who texted her is no other than the driver himself identified as “Ben”.

Ozawa took the problem to Facebook and called out the Uber driver for ‘giving away’ her number to friends. She said she tried calling the Uber hotline to complain but no one picked up; adding she changed her name on purpose and it was precisely to protect her privacy.

The ride-sharing network also vowed to track down “Ben” and “fix the issue”. Uber also asked Ozawa to delete her previous post for which she complied, but warned she will have to sue them if it happens again.

Aksyon sa Tanghali via its host Raffy Tulfo assisted Ozawa and made the driver do a public apology.

The kind actress then accepted the sorry.