Meryll Soriano reveals she’s 10 years free from drugs

Image via Merryl Soriano's Instagram account
  • Actress Meryll Soriano said that she used drugs as part of her rebellion
  • Meryll cleared up that she’s now 10 years free from drugs
  • From what she had been through, Meryll learned the importance of asking for help from others

Last Friday, January 12, 2018, Meryll Soriano guested on “Magandang Buhay”, a morning show on the Kapamilya Network, wherein she admitted to have used illegal drugs years ago.

Meryll claimed she did it as part of her being rebellious at the time. She also revealed she’s already 10 years free from drugs. “I struggled with show business because I really wanted to go to school. Doon na nag-start ‘yun,” Meryll said. [That’s where it all started.]

Also on the same show, Meryll explained that she wanted to go abroad for college but she couldn’t because she was already working.

“I felt like I’ve been working and I really wanted to go and have an education abroad. Tapos parang ‘di puwede. So ‘yon na, nag-start na akong magrebelde. Di ko ever naramdaman na hindi ako kilala.” [Then it seemed impossible. That’s it, I started to rebel. I never felt I was not known.], Meryll admitted.

From what she had experienced, Meryll learned a valuable lesson in life. She now knows the importance of asking help from others. “I think anybody who’s going through a hard time should learn how to ask for help. I think that’s very, very important kasi ‘yun ang nag-save sa akin,”, the actress disclosed.

Meryll also shared she asked for help only when she felt like she’d lost all of her strength. Meryll added that she just realized it one day; saying, “Lord, ayaw ko na.” [Lord, I don’t want to do this anymore.].  Eventually, Meryll decided to talk to her parents and reveal what she had been going through.

As the old saying goes, “no man is an island”. We are not yo live alone. It is indeed important to ask for help from others especially from our families and friends as they would wholeheartedly accept and help us get back on our feet again.