Metro Manila gets featured in Wonder Woman, Justice League comics; thanks to Pinoy cartoonists

Image by DC Comics
  • Wonder Woman and the Justice League fought one of their archenemies, Darkseid, at notable places in Metro Manila
  • Filipino cartoonists Jason Paz and Carlo Pagulayan incorporated several elements of the Philippines and its culture in the story

“LODI Motors” jeepney and the EDSA Shrine are just a few of the remarkable images that would let the fan inside you shout “this is definitely in the Philippines!”

Just when we thought that the Justice League hype will be over in the country after the recent movie stopped showing in cinemas, Filipino fans of the franchise will continue on the thrill after familiar scenes in Metro Manila got featured in the comic issue Wonder Woman #37

And it’s not just Wonder Woman. The whole “League” tagged along with her against the villain “*Darkseid” in the streets of Ortigas, San Juan, etc. in a frenzied battle that even took them to the EDSA Shrine.

If we are to thank someone for all of the Metro Manila settings, it would only be the two Filipino artists, Jason Paz and Carlo Pagulayan, who worked on Wonder Woman #37 and incorporated several elements of the Filipino country and its culture in the story.

And what could those “incorporated” Filipino culture in the story be? I guess we would have to purchase and read the issue to find out.

The 32-page issue went on sale at a price of $2.99 on a recent date — December 27, 2017… so that explains why the popular word “LODI” was there.

Image by DC Comics
Image by DC Comics
Image by DC Comics

*Darkseid: As the tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid’s ultimate goal is to conquer the universe and eliminate all free will. One of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, the character became a staple Superman villain and is considered the archenemy of the Justice League.