PLDT partners with Huawei for an improved service before new Telecom service provider arrives

Image via PLDT/Wikipedia
  • PLDT and Huawei signed a $28 Million deal for a service improvement project
  • This collaboration between PLDT, Smart and Huawei aims to improve customer satisfaction by improving the quality of their service
  • PLDT focuses on securing the company’s growth through the improvement of the IT systems, improvement in internet speed and launching of 5G technology

PLDT Inc., one of the leading telecommunication companies in the country, is looking forward to providing more efficient service by partnering with Huawei. Its long-time chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan stated on Wednesday, Jan 10, that the $28-million worth deal between PLDT’s mobile unit, Smart Communications, and Huawei is just the beginning of many upcoming partnerships.

Through Huawei, PLDT will be able to improve their online billing and service delivery platforms like electronic loading for prepaid subscribers.

In an interview with ANC News, Sen. Bam Aquino added that it would be better if Philippines would have at least 5 telecommunication service providers. He also said that through this, the services would improve and telco rates would decrease. He cited Singapore as an example of a country that has a smaller land area but has its own 5 telecommunication companies.

As per PLDT, they will focus on “future proofing its network”; part of which is the improvement of their IT systems, improvement in internet speed and launching of 5G technology.

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