Popular YouTuber Logan Paul faces another controversy over Japan trip

Image capture via video of Logan Paul Vlogs' YouTube account
  • YouTube revealed on Wednesday it was cutting Logan Paul’s subscriber channels
  • All of Logan’s original projects have also been put on hold
  • Paul recently made headlines after visiting  Aokigahara, a popular forest, in Japan

Logan Paul — the Youtuber behind the controversial video — uploaded another ‘disturbing’ vlog of him disrespecting the Japanese culture.

Paul, 22, recently made headlines for mocking an apparent victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. 

In the beginning of the video, he said that “I just got to be careful to not, like, disrespect the culture. Japan is all about that respect.”

In his 2-minute montage, Paul is seen to be running and screaming through busy streets, dressed up in a rice hat and kimono, throwing plush toys at strangers.

He also tries to return a Gameboy Color after he threw it on the pavement; complaining that “the game seems to be malfunctioning. Much-o broken-o.”

Alexis Isabel, founder of Feminist Culture, tweeted, “Logan Paul KNOWINGLY made a joke out of Japanese culture…in front of his impressionable audience of children who will now think it’s okay to disrespect other cultures like this.”

YouTube revealed on Wednesday it was cutting Paul’s subscriber channels and all of Logan’s original projects have been put on hold.