Prisoner who was pronounced d**d wakes up at a morgue

Image via Leconomiste Website
  • Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez was mistakenly pronounced d**d at a Spanish jail Sunday
  • Jimenez was found slumped unconscious on a chair in his cell Sunday morning
  • He was bagged up and taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Oviedo, Spain

Spanish morgue workers were given a major fright when a prisoner who had been declared d**d after an apparent suicide attempt woke up just as they prepared to perform an autopsy, authorities said Wednesday.

The man was identified as Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez, 29, a prisoner at Villabona Jail. Gonzalo was feeling ill Saturday the night before he was pronounced d**d, a local news agency reported.

The sources also stated when the jail officials commenced their morning rounds Sunday, they found Gonzalo without any signs of life in his cell.

Three doctors examined Gonzalo and found no vital signs. He was declared d**d and placed in a body bag to be sent to Legal Medical Institute of Oviedo, a hospital mortuary according to The News.

Upon his arrival at the institute, forensic doctors heard noises coming from Montoya’s corpse. The forensic (pathologist)  proceeded to open the bag and found out that Gonzalo is still alive.

The first words he muttered were about his wife, and asked if he could see her.

According to the report by News AU, Jimenez’s family was not happy with the way the prison officials dealt with the matter. The family was also “convinced” only one out of the three doctors had checked the body, while the other two merely signed the d***h certificate.

It is believed that it could be a case of catalepsy, though that hasn’t yet been confirmed.

Catalepsy symptoms include rigidity, unresponsiveness, and loss of muscle control, as well as slowing of vital bodily functions (such as breathing). It’s easy to see how someone showing signs of catalepsy could be mistaken for d**d.