Robin Padilla says “send all LP, anti-federalism politicians to the battleground”

Image capture from Wikimedia Commons
  • Robin Padilla wants to send all LP, anti-federalism politicians to the battleground
  • Padilla said the unitary form of government brought international threat to the Philippines and to its people
  • He said the unitary form of government has only benefited the oligarchs and politicians

Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema Robin Padilla, via an Instagram comment, said all Liberal Party (LP), and anti-federalism politicians should be sent to the battleground, as per a Fashion Pulis story.

Padilla on Saturday shared a photo of a destroyed ISIS reinforcement boat wherein he said more than ten terrorists had been k****d on the spot — “they are now long d**d and gone but their ideology is very much alive.”

He said the 100-year unitary form of government has brought an international threat to the Filipino people and to its democracy wherein only the oligarchs and politicians benefited but never the people in far provinces.

A netizen, then commented on his post saying LP politicians Kiko Pangilinan, Franklin Drilon, Bam Aquino, and Rissa Hontiveros should see the post to hear their side about federalism.

“Sir, sana po mabasa at makita ito ng mga Liberal Party Senators na sina Kiko Pangilinan, Franklin Drilon, Bam Aquino, at Rissa Hontiveros kung ano na naman ang sinasabi nila tungkol sa federalism.”

To which the actor replied, “send all LP politicians to the battleground”; adding, “all that are against federalism send them all to the battle fronts.”

To note, as per a Manila Bulletin story, Padilla is a supporter of Duterte. In November 2016, the president granted him absolute pardon which means he can now fully exercise his full civil and political rights.

Padilla was convicted in 1994 over illegal possession of high-powered firearms and he was meted up to 21 years in jail.

Three years later, ex-President Fidel Ramos gave him a conditional pardon which expired in 2003.