“Solitude is different from loneliness”: Bela Padilla does not believe that being single means being lonely

Image by Bela Padilla via Instagram account
  • Bela Padilla does not believe that being single means being lonely
  • The actress went “soul-searching” in Europe

Bela Padilla is taking a lesson in love from her new movie’s character. She will soon star with Carlo Aquino in a movie, “Meet Me in St. Gallen”. The film’s director Irene Villamor had advised Bella to keep in mind the line from the movie, “Solitude is different from loneliness”.

The 26-year-old actress told Mario Dumaual of ABS-CBN how she tries to apply it to her life, “Direk Irene, she kind of kept on repeating this to me, because this is a line also of Celeste (her character) in the movie… And she told me to apply it to myself.”

The 100 Tula ni Stella star revealed that after their shooting in Europe, she still chose to extend her stay to be on her own. She said, “[Sinubukan] ko siyang i-adapt habang na sa Europe ako,” she said; referring to Celeste’s line. “I mean, definitely may moments na nalulungkot ako, kasi mag-isa ako naglalakad, pero iba, e. Ang dami mong natututunan.” [There are definitely moments when I feel sad because I was alone walking but it’s still different. You get to learn a lot.]

Bela explained that she went “soul searching” but joked that she didn’t find what she was looking for. She said: “Nag-soul search po talaga ako. Ayun, hindi ko naman nahanap. Pag nandito na ulit sa Manila, nauna umuwi!”

When asked if she’s happy being single, the actress-writer said, “Very, very. I am. I do enjoy now myself as company. I am comfortable with it now,” she added.

You can watch the teaser of their movie “Meet me in St. Gallen” from Sine Pelikula’s Youtube channel