Steven Seagal accused of raping 18-year-old actress in 1993

Image via Steven Seagal's Instagram account
  • An aspiring actress from one of Steven Seagal’s movies accused the actor of raping her
  • Regina Simons recounted the story of how the famous action star assaulted her during the wrap party of his movie at that time

Allegations of sexual harassment and assault against big names in Hollywood has been all over the news recently and the latest man to join the list of alleged offenders is Steven Seagal.

Regina Simons told her story of a***e on Megyn Kelly Today that aired on Friday, January 26, where she claimed that Steven Seagal raped her when she was just 18 years old, as disclosed on USA Today.

The aspiring actress was one of the extras on Seagal’s film back in 1993, On Deadly Ground. According to Simons, he invited her over to his home under the guise of a party to celebrate the end of filming.

When she got to his home, she was surprised that there’s no one there and immediately questioned him but he purportedly said that everyone had left.

He then told her he wanted to show her something, led her into what appeared to be a bedroom and closed the door.

“He tried to kiss me and took my clothes off,” she recounted. “And before I knew it, he was on top of me.”

She tried to explain how she reacted during the whole thing and said, “I couldn’t move. I just completely froze and even felt like I left my body. I know I was crying.”

She described the whole incident as “very predatory, very aggressive and traumatizing” and mentioned seeing a photo of Kelly LeBrock, Seagal’s wife, at the time, on the nightstand.

Simons is only one of the few people alongside Jenny McCarthy and Portia de Rossi to come forward with their allegations against Steven Seagal.

A police report has been filed with both Los Angeles and Beverly Hills police departments.

According to LAPD police officer Norma Eisenman, they have an open investigation but Seagal’s team has not given any comment regarding the issue as of yet.