Tech company Apple being investigated by US agencies over iPhone slowdown — Report

Image via Wikimedia Commons
  • Apple said in December that a software update affected some phones
  • U.S. government is reportedly investigating Apple’s iPhone slowdown

The US Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission have launched an investigation into whether the giant tech company, Apple, have violated laws over customers’ phones slowing down to extend battery life, according to a report via Bloomberg.

The report emphasizes that the probe is currently private and in its early stages so it’s possible nothing could come as a result of the inquiries.

Investigators are said to be looking into public statements made by Apple amid concerns that the firm may have misled investors about the performance of older phones.

Bloomberg notes that the probe is specifically over whether or not Apple “violated securities laws concerning its disclosures” of the software updates that introduced throttling.

Apple admitted last month that it has used software updates to limit the performance of older iPhones; saying that the action was taken to protect consumers against problems caused by ageing batteries. During the same month, Apple issued an apology for not ‘clearly communicating’ this information and vowed another update to mitigate the concern.

The slowdowns occur when an older iPhone’s battery reaches a certain, unspecified point of low health and can be fixed if a user replaces the battery.