Check before you wear: Venomous snake found in fireman’s helmet

Image capture of video by Fire and Rescue NSW' Facebook account
  • A firefighter from New South Wales found a red bellied black snake in his helmet
  • Snake had tangled itself in the headgear and had to be removed professionally
  • Lucky for the fireman, he saw the snake

What could be more horrifying than finding a snake in your house? Well, finding one in your helmet.

A firefighter from Rutherford fire station in the New South Wales was given a slithering surprise on Friday, after finding out a snake has hidden in his helmet.

Luckily for him, he spotted the snake and called in a professional to safely remove the serpent from the helmet.

Video posted on Facebook by “Fire and Rescue NSW” shows the snake handler trying to remove the snake which seems to be wrapped around the strap. As the handler tries to grab the snake, it tries to slither away but is quickly pinned down by the man with his equipment. The snake is eventually removed and put away in a cotton bag.

Surprise visitor inside firefighter's helmet

A firefighter at Rutherford 455 Fire Station FRNSW found a slithering surprise inside his helmet this week. The red-bellied black snake was safely removed by a professional handler.

Posted by Fire and Rescue NSW on Thursday, January 18, 2018

The reptile was later identified as a venomous red-bellied snake; native to eastern Australia.

Australia is known for its dangerous snakes and the continent have 170 species of land snakes; some equipped with venom more toxic than any other snakes in the world.