[Video] Derbie is back! Teaser of ‘Almost a Love Story’ released

Images via Movie Patrol PH's YouTube video
  • The love team of young actors Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio is back
  • Teaser of their upcoming film ‘Almost a Love Story’ was released
  • In an interview last December, the two used the title saying, ‘Ours is almost a love story’

Derbie is back!

The teaser of Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio’s upcoming film “Almost a Love Story” has been released; making many fans excited to see the Derbie tandem anew.

The movie, under BG Productions and directed by Louie Ignacio, is currently being filmed in Italy. It is the reunion movie of the former love team, which was last seen in a television series in 2014.

More details of the movie has yet to be revealed. In an interview last December, on the other hand, the two used the title of the film to describe what they had in the past; saying “ours is almost a love story.”

“We were in many projects together. Kami ang pinag-love team ng GMA. We became really close, and I admit I felt then I was responsible for Barbie. Alam mo ‘yon? I felt that as her leading man, I have to protect her. I was already on that level but I wasn’t courting her,” Monasterio revealed.

“It’s true, we were so close and we really cared for each other. We were very comfortable sa pagsasama namin, and tell each other whatever we felt, what our problems were. Sa closeness namin, parang kulang na lang, maging kami, and our fans were really saying na kami na but I don’t know, wala talagang nangyaring ligawan, but it led to a very beautiful friendship,” Forteza said.

Here’s the teaser of the upcoming Derbie movie: