Woman who underwent plastic surgery misses flight after security scanner failed to recognize her face

Image from Shanghaiist
  • A woman traveling to Shanghai was prevented from boarding her flight
  • The airport facial recognition was unable to recognize her face
  • The woman said she had just undergone plastic surgery, thus the discrepancy

A woman who had just undergone surgical procedure ended up missing her flight after the security scanner at the airport failed to recognize her new face.

The woman, 28, surnamed Zhang, who spoke to Chengdu Business Daily, narrated she went to the airport early after booking a flight from Chengdu to Shanghai.

However, she was prevented from boarding the flight due to the discrepancy in her passport photo and how she looks like in person.

The airport personnel said the security scanner was unable to recognize her face.

Zhang said she tried to explain she had just undergone a plastic surgery, thus the difference in her pre-surgery picture and her actual appearance. Unfortunately, the personnel wouldn’t accept her explanation and urged her to go the police station for identity verification.

The woman reportedly spent four hours going through the ‘bureaucratic maze’ at the airport trying to prove that she and the woman in her passport are the same.

Too bad, by the time she finally succeeded, her flight had already departed; leaving her with no choice but to cancel her plane ticket.

After missing her flight, Zhang ended up taking the train to Shanghai instead.