Worker walks to subway station every night to use free wifi so he can save money while keeping in touch with family

Image from Next Shark
  • A photo of a man inside a subway station has gone viral in China
  • The man was actually taking advantage of a free wifi in the station so he could talk to his family
  • He would walk to the station every night to use the wifi so he could save some money

Every now and then, a picture would pop out on social media that would end up touching the hearts of many netizens.

Ge Yuanzheng’s photo inside a subway station in Shanghai has become the latest viral sensation across China. This after people found out why he was often seen charging a mobile phone while he appears to be busy as if he was watching something.

It turned out Ge was actually making a video call to her family in central Henan province.

Ge is a construction worker who moved to Shanghai in October in search for a better-paying job. He has been earning 200-300 yuan (US$30-45) a day, according to Beijing News.

He knew well he had a family to feed back home and therefore tried to save as much money as he could so he could send them enough. He lives in a dormitory he shared with fellow workers, devoid of any luxury.

He rarely spend money on anything and has only his phone which he uses to keep in touch with his family. Ge said that in his several months of stay in Shanghai, he had never seen any of its tourist attraction, fearing he would end up spending cash on things he doesn’t need.

He desperately wanted to save money, but he also misses his family. Calling them would mean he needs to dole out some cash.

His predicament was finally solved after discovering a nearby subway station that offers a free wifi. Since then, Ge would walk to the station with his phone every night after work and use the wifi to make a video call his wife and children in Henan.

A passerby chanced upon Ge one night and snap a photo then upload it on social media. The heartrending scene has since gone viral.

“I don’t want to spend money, but I miss home and want to talk to my family,” said Ge.