“You’ve been a bad boy and Dad will take your punishment, hit me!”

Image capture of video by Ha Pham via YouTube
  • To teach his son a lesson, a man ordered his son to punish him by lashing his back with a stick
  • When the son refused, the father hit himself instead

In a video that went viral earlier but has popped up again recently, a Chinese father can be seen demonstrating his unusual parenting method.

In the video filmed in the family’s living room by the daughter, the dad was scolding his son for taking his mobile phone to school to play games.

The son claimed that his teacher told him to bring the phone.

The father asked: “Did Dad not teach you? You were taught, but you did not learn?”

The son replies with a Chinese idiom: “To teach without severity, is the teacher’s laziness.”

The father then handed his son a stick and kneeled down on the floor.

“This time, your wrong is Dad’s fault. Dad did not teach you well. Dad will take the blame,” the father said, while commanding his son to punish him with lashes.

The son refused.

“If I tell you to hit, then hit. This is my fault! You hear what I’m saying. Quick, hit me!” the father shouted, that made his son start  sobbing.

After shouting several times, the father grabs the stick from his son and starts to hit himself in the back.

“My fault. I did not teach my son. My fault, my fault, my fault…” said the father.

As the father hurts himself, it made his son cry harder while the daughter filming the video pleads the moment to stop.

It seemed that every hit, every lashing sound pains the heart of the son as well.

“This time, Dad will take your punishment… next time, you will take it, the stick will fall on your back… however, the number of sticks that are broken on Dad’s back, will also be broken on yours,” the father warned.

Watch this video shared by Ha Pham via YouTube: