Bananas with an edible peel developed by Japanese farmers

Image capture of video via Nerd Alert
  • The Mongee Banana is grown by D&T Farm in Japan’s Okayama Prefecture
  • The fruit’s name, pronounced mon-gay, is Okayama slang for ‘incredible’

A new type of banana could revolutionize the food industry in the coming years, if it will be produced in a large scale.

Thanks to a recent crop development from D&T Farm in Japan, there is a new ‘banana’ on the market – and take note, you can eat its peel.

Yes, there’s now a banana with a thin, edible peel that lets you bite right into the fruit the same way you would an apple or a pear. It’s called the Mongee (pronounced “mon-gay), which is a slang for incredible in Japanese.

According to CNN, even though they cost around $6 each, the special bananas have had no trouble attracting customers to the one place in the country where they’re sold, the Tenmaya store in the southwestern city of Okayama. The company that grows them said they are ramping up production to meet the rising demand.

“It usually takes two years for bananas to grow sufficiently, but here they are ready in four months,” said Setsuzo Tanaka, head of technical research at D & T Farm.