Caught on CCTV: Mother on motorbike dragging 4-year-old daughter through the street

Image capture of video via Tan Nusantara Twitter account

• A woman dragging her 4-year-old daughter while driving a motorbike was captured on CCTV
• The toddler was immediately rescued and treated
• The mother’s neighbours suspect that she is suffering from depression

A recorded incident on CCTV immediately went viral on social media. On the video, a woman was seen dragging a 4-year-old girl (her daughter) while riding a motorbike along a street in Paseban village, Klaten, Central Java; a province in Indonesia.

According to Asia One’s story, an eyewitness named Wahyanto saw the whole scene and said that upon seeing the incident, her neighbors quickly tried to stop her.

The poor child was dragged about 300 meters before her mother finally let go of the toddler and drove out of the village. The woman crashed into the crowd of men who were playing billiards in the neighboring village.

Right after the incident, the toddler was rescued and her scratches were treated at a local health facility.

For a child this young, it would be traumatic for her but Wahyanto said the little girl did not even cry. “She must have been in pain, but she was not crying,” said Wahyanto.

This was not the first time the woman was seen mistreating her children. Her neighbors even suspect her of being mentally ill.

Her husband works as a sand mine labourer in Magelang, Central Java, and only comes home twice a week.

Unfortunately, no one had filed a police report, according to Adj. Sr. Comr. Agung Pramono, the Klaten Police chief. However, they would be investigating on the allegation about the suspect’s mental issue.

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Asia One, Twitter