Couple sells everything for a sailboat to live their dream; it sinks on day 2

Image capture of video via News capital's YouTube account
  • Tanner Broadwell, 26, and Nikki Walsh, 24, sold everything they owned in Colorado to buy a sailboat and escape the traps of modern life
  • That dream was short-lived when their sailboat sank near Florida on Wednesday

A couple from Colorado sold everything they owned, including their car, so they can buy a 28-foot sailboat and set out for the open seas together.

Tanner Broadwell, 26, and Nikki Walsh, 24, dreamed the same dream: Give up the rat race, go live on a sailboat, sail the Carribean and maybe the world.

“Travel and do things on our own terms when we wanted to, thought what better way to do it than with a sailboat,” said Broadwell via ABC News.

“I sold everything I had to do this,” Broadwell told the Tampa Bay Times, “and I lost everything in a matter of 20 minutes.”

Turns out their dream was short-lived after their houseboat sank off the coast of Florida on Wednesday.

The couple was only two days into the adventure of a lifetime, when their dream boat hit something in the water and capsized; leaving everything but the dog, a little cash and their social security cards to float away, at their fingertips.

“We hit something in about 8 or 9 feet of water and it stopped the boat completely,” said Broadwell.

“Everything I’ve worked for, everything I’ve owned since I was a child, I brought with me. It’s just floating away and there’s nothing I can do,” recalled Walsh.

While the couple is trying to figure out how to pay the cost to remove their sunken boat from the Gulf, they aren’t giving up on their adventure.

“The boat sank, but our dreams didn’t sink with the boat,” said Walsh.