Cured French nun who visited Lourdes named as 70th miracle

Image via Trip Advisor website
  • Sister Bernadette Moriau, 79, visited spring in Lourdes, France, on pilgrimage
  • Prior to visit in 2008, she had been crippled with chronic sciatica for 40 years
  • Afterwards, her back problem ‘disappeared’ and has been declared a miracle

As the Catholic Church celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, a french Bishop announced on Sunday the 70th officially recognized miraculous cure of a pilgrim to the Lourdes grotto where Mary appeared 160 years ago.

Sister Bernadette Moriau, 79, suffered a back problem that had left her barely able to walk for 40 years.

Sister Bernadette, who was from northern Frances, visited the holy spring in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains in July 2008, she was then aged 69; seeking a cure for her ailment.

Shortly after returning home, her chronic sciatica or pinched spinal nerve disappeared for the first time since her condition was diagnosed at the age of 27.

Four surgeries did not stop the progressive worsening of her neurological deficits.

“This pilgrimage was for me a source of grace,” she said in a statement posted on the website of the Diocese of Beauvais. In the cave where St. Bernadette reported seeing Mary, “I felt the mysterious presence of Mary and little Bernadette.”

She said she went to confession and received the anointing of the sick during the pilgrimage.

“In no case did I ask for healing, but only for the conversion of heart and the strength to continue my journey as an invalid.”