Dubai expat jailed, fined 500K Dirhams for sending ‘insulting’ email to RTA after flunking driving tests

Image from The National
  • An Indian expat in Dubai who failed the driving tests sent an ‘insulting’ email to Dubai’s RTA
  • He was found guilty of mocking and maligning a government authority
  • The court slapped the defendant with AED 500K fine and a 3-month imprisonment

An email sent by an Indian expatriate to Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) complaining about alleged racket of the agency to take “poor people’s money” has cost him half-a-million dirhams and a three-month jail time.

A report by Gulf News said the 25-year-old man sent the email to RTA in April last year accusing the department of taking “poor people’s money by making them intentionally fail in driving tests and forcing them to repeat the tests”.

A legal researcher read the email and reported it to the police who immediately contacted the man and asked him to report to the station. However, the expat failed to show up; prompting the police to arrest him last August 2.

RTA said the man’s email was deemed offensive for mocking the authority. The agency asked that the toughest punishment be slapped against the sender for violating the country’s cybercrime law.

In defense, the man said he is not guilty and was only trying to explain what happened to him after flunking the driving tests out of frustration.

On February 6, the court found the defendant guilty of mocking and offending a government department and slapped him with an AED 500,000 (US $136,130) fine plus three months in jail.

The mobile device from which he sent the email was also confiscated by the court. He will be deported from the UAE once he has completed serving his term.

The defendant has 5 days to appeal his sentence.