Duterte says his salary should be P1.5M; jokes he has ‘two wives’

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  • Duterte joked about being tired at his job and receiving a measly salary
  • He said he should be receiving at least P1.5M a month
  • He also joked about having to support two wives

MANILA, Philippines – Not that he is complaining, but President Rodrigo Duterte said he deserves a pay raise of up to P1.5M a month.

Speaking at the establishment of “TienDA Para Sa Mga Bayani” (Store for the Heroes) at Camp General Adriano Hernandez in Dingle, Iloilo last Thursday, Duterte said he is exhausted with his job and all he gets is P200,000 a month.

The President also joked about having to support two wives and being tired of “flying and saluting”.

“I get so tired and you know how much I earn? 200. I have two wives,” Inquirer quoted him as saying in his speech.

“My ideal salary, if I would estimate it, I should be getting—no joke—one million, five hundred (a month),” the President added.

According to Inquirer, the President’s salary, which falls under Grade 33, is set to increase to P298,083 by 2018 based on Executive Order No. 201 signed by former President Benigno Aquino III.

It will again increase in 2019 to P399,739 a month.

The President was previously married to Elizabeth Zimmerman Duterte, the mother of his three children – Sara, Paolo and Sebastian. He is currently living with his common law wife, Cielito “Honeylet” Avanceña, with whom he has one daughter, Veronica “Kitty” Duterte.

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