Duterte warns deployment ban might extend to more countries

Image by Presidential Communications via Facebook page
  • President Rodrigo Duterte might continue deployment ban to other countries if necessary
  • He didn’t give any names of countries yet
  • Spokesperson Harry Roque also admitted he has no idea what countries the President is referring to

President Rodrigo Duterte was firm with his stand to protect the Overseas Filipino Workers. Following the deployment ban in Kuwait, the President warned that he will continue to extend it to other countries if necessary.

He was quoted by ABS-CBN saying, “The ban will continue and it will extend to other countries. Mahirapan sila… Well, humihingi na ako ng tawad sa inyo. I will not allow… Hindi… Wala akong plano na ipadala kayo doon tapos babuyin kayo. Hindi ko style ‘yan.”

[They will have difficulties. Well, I am already asking for an apology from you. I will not allow. No, I have no plans of sending you there where you will be abused. That’s not my style.]

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque revealed that he has no idea which countries the President is planning to extend the ban. The President also has yet to disclose any other details for the warning.

This came after Duterte’s fiery speech towards the Gulf state after the body of an OFW, Joana Demafelis was found d**d frozen in a freezer. He said, “The Filipino is a slave of nobody.”

“The Filipino seeks to work abroad to earn a living so that he can help his family because the economy here, local, cannot absorb the entire workforce who would want to [work],” he added.