Egyptian man’s video defending abused OFWs in Kuwait draws attention

Images by Mahmoud Tolba and Presidential Communications via Facebook accounts
  • An Egyptian man called out Kuwaitis for their abuses towards migrant workers, specifically the Filipinos
  • Mahmoud Tolba shared how grave the abuses are in the Gulf state towards OFWS
  • He strongly approves of the deployment ban in Kuwait and said President Duterte is “doing a good job”

An Egyptian man has posted on Facebook his opinion on our country’s deployment ban on Kuwait.

The man identified to be Mahmoud Tolba agrees with the Philippines’ decision to bring home our overseas Filipino workers. He said that OFWs are treated like they have no rights in the Gulf state.

Mahmoud said in his video, “It is time to make everything clear. Filipino workers – they have no right in Kuwait, [they get] low quality service and medicine.”

He added that he admires the perseverance of the Filipino workers and are “clean and hardworking.” Mahmoud also shared that while some Filipino have achieved great heights in America, some are gravely abused in the Gulf state.

It saddens him to admit that he personally knows some Kuwaiti people who a***e their Filipino workers; saying: “I have a lot of evidence of some Kuwaiti citizens physically and sexually attacking Filipino ladies.”

The veracity of the a***e should not be downplayed by the media as there are no excuses for any form of attack towards others.

Mahmoud said, “Some media say that only 3% of Filipino workers experience sexual harassment. They are trying to make it sound small but we are actually talking about 3,000 ladies. This is a large number. Even a single attack is not acceptable.”

He gave a message to Filipinos who are working or are planning to work in Kuwait: “They take from you everything and they are giving you nothing. How much are they giving you every month? 100? 150? 200? Even if it is 500, it is not enough to leave your country, your friends, and your family to go to other countries and work for them.”

Mahmoud also called out Kuwaitis to stop the abuses against migrant workers. The Egyptian man couldn’t help but compliment President Duterte for “doing a good job” and supported the deployment ban.

The Egyptian citizen Mahmoud Tolba defensing the Philippine workers and asking for them rights. He is saying to the Philippine president and other countries don’t send your workers there because they take everything from you and they give you nothing. Share it until it reach every one all over the world.Philippine is a great country to all have to know that. His official page in that link ??????

Posted by Kuwait Market on Thursday, February 15, 2018