Family in India has 4 members dying on the same date every year over the past 4 years

Image from Medical Xpress
  • A family in India has lost 4 members on the same date every year
  • The strange occurrence started back in 2015 and the latest d***h happened this year
  • Villagers, although shocked, still believe it is as merely a coincidence

A coincidence? Maybe, but it is one that this family from India fervently prayed would never happen again.

Apparently, the family had lost 4 of its members who all died on the same date every year since 2015. And they have been living in fear over who’s going to d*e next ever since.

According to Gulf News, Pokhan Ram, a villager from Lakhanipur-Maheshpatti of Samastipur district, claimed to have lost a relative to an accident in February 2, 2015.

While grieving over the d***h, they have come to accept it as an act of God and decided to move on from their loss.

But in February 2, 2016, Pokhan’s brother, Bechan, died too. The deceased was only 30 years old and was the third among the siblings.

Another similar tragedy befell on the family again on February 2 of the following year. Fekan, Pokhan’s 35-year-old elder brother became the third member to d*e on the same date.

Then just recently, last February 2, their 60-year-old father, Sakhindra Ram, died.

Pokhan admitted the strange occurrence has left them in fear and panic.

 “We don’t know whose turn will come next year,” he said.

Some villagers, although shocked by the successive deaths among Ram’s family, still believes it to be just a coincidence.

“It’s stunning but this is a fact,” village council chief Benazir Bano said.