Friends and family remember AJ Perez’s 25th birthday

Images by Lauren Young and Gello Perez via Instagram accounts
  • Lauren Young greets her friend and former loveteam, the late AJ Perez
  • AJ’s brother, Gello, also posted an emotional message for his kuya’s birthday
  • AJ would have been 25 years old now

Lauren Young fondly recalls the late AJ Perez, her former loveteam and friend, on his birthda.  AJ would have been 25 years old last February 17.

She posted a throwback photo of them on Instagram and greeted him, “Happy birthday,AJ!” Lauren added she had been reminiscing about their fun times together: “Been going through our old photos all morning and can’t help but smile as I remember all the good times we had growing up and having fun on set.”

She added, “We miss you everyday.”

Aside from Lauren, AJ’s brother, Gello Perez, also become emotional whenever he remembers AJ. He posted a heartwarming message of love on his Instagram: “Whenever I look at our old pictures and videos, I always tend to get a bit emotional, knowing that I’ll never have these types of moments with you again. However, I look at these videos and I thank God every single day that I was lucky enough to at least make thirteen years worth of memories with you. Happy 25th birthday kuya. I will forever miss you.”

He also posted a photo with the caption, “We will always love and remember you.”

AJ was one of showbiz’s “gone too soon” stars. It was in 2011 when AJ died in a fatal vehicular accident.

We will always love and remember you ??

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