Ice Seguerra receives chicharon bulaklak bouquet from wife for V-day

Image by Ice Seguerra's Instagram post, reelandgrill.blogspot
  • Ice Seguerra’s wife gave him a unique flower/bulaklak arrangement made of chicharon
  • The couple posted a photo of Ice holding the bouquet on their respective Instagram accounts
  • Popular singer-actor Aiza earlier asked his fans to call him “Ice” and refrain from calling him ate, tita, or ninang

While everyone else on the planet are going “cheesy” on Valentine’s day, Ice Seguerra’s wife prefer “crispy”.

Ice shared a photo of a beautiful bouquet his wife Liza Diño gave him and it’s one of the most unique flower or bulaklak arrangements you’ll see today on your love-flooded social media site: a chicharon bulaklak bouquet!

Ice captioned his post: “My wife gave me flowers for Vday. BEST BOUQUET IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!”

My wife gave me flowers for Vday. BEST BOUQUET IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

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Liza shared the same photo on her Instagram account and wrote: “Happy Valentines Day mahal ko [my love]. I found the perfect bouquet of flowers for you! Grabe super rare variety nito—-cheetlin flowers a.k.a chicharon bulaklak!!! Break legs on your concert tonight. Im just here rooting for you.”

For those who missed the concert, you can watch Ice live on Feb 16 in Pampanga:

Kitakits sa Feb 16 at Lausgroup Events Center!

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Seguerra earlier said that he prefers to be called the name “Ice” rather than “Aiza” and not be called ate, tita, sis or ninang. He also asked his fans to refrain from using the words “she” and “her” when pertaining to him.

Maybe I need to come out quarterly dito sa IG Dear Family and Friends, I am a TRANSGENDER MAN. Ibig sabihin, pinanganak man akong may vagina, I identify myself as a man. Gets? TRANSMAN po yun. May ilang taon na rin ang nakakalipas when I first came out. Yes, I came out as transman 3 times already. May iba siguro sa inyo ang hindi pa nakakaalam but mas maraming alam na 'to. This is just a reminder. PLEASE REFRAIN from calling me ATE, TITA, SIS, NINANG (mga inaanak, subukan niyong tawagin akong ninang, I swear wala kayong regalo sa pasko), SENYORA, MA'AM, at ang favorite ko sa lahat MADAME. Huwag din po gamitin ang she, her, at kung ano pa. This is how I see myself and I would appreciate if people around me, especially family and friends, will respect that. If you do not understand kung ano ang transman, PM me and I will gladly explain. Also, please CALL ME ICE. Yes. ICE. Yun lang po. Maraming salamat!

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