Inday Sara slams Alvarez: “PRD will be a stronger President without Alvarez”

Images by Sara Duterte and Pantaleon Alvarez via Facebook accounts
  • Sara Duterte-Carpio slammed Alvarez over his alleged “opposition remark”
  • The mayor clarified that her new regional “political party” is not part of the opposition
  • Alvarez denies saying the controversial remark

Sara Duterte fumes at House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez after he allegedly remarked that the Davao City Mayor’s new regional political party is part of the “opposition.”

The feisty Mayor took to her Facebook account to express her frustration over the speaker.

In a post, Inday Sara said, “Kung a*****e ka sa Congress, don’t bring that to Davao, leave it in Manila. Somebody should tell the President what you are doing. How dare you call me part of the opposition. Kapal ng mukha mo. You messed with the wrong girl.”

She added, “Ano sabi mo in a crowd, ‘President iba siya, Speaker ako, I can always impeach him!’ And you call me opposition? Somebody should really tell the President about the truth. Antay ka bukas, I have another story.”

Inday Sara candidly explained to ABS-CBN where she heard the “opposition remark.” She said, “Not only that, he is calling mayors in the region telling them that I am opposition, I have a feud with my father and that b**ch I am acting alone. This insecure fat sleaze is the epitome of the idiom barking at the wrong tree. I am not interested in his politics but he fired the first shot.”

Sara continued to slam Alvarez, “The Philippines will be a better country if he is not Speaker. PRD will be a stronger President without Alvarez.”

Meanwhile, Alvarez denied saying the controversial remark. He shared with ABS-CBN, “Sa totoo lang wala akong sinabi niyan. ‘Di ko alam sa’n nanggaling ‘yung kuwento na ‘yan pero wala akong sinasabi na part ng opposition. Paano maging part ng oposisyon e administration nga eh. Baka mayroon lang nagsabing mali siguro.”

[The truth is I didn’t say that. I don’t know where that story came from but I never said that they are part of the opposition. How can they become part of the opposition when they are part of administration? Maybe someone told her incorrectly.]