iPhone X Plus: Apple to Release Biggest, Cheaper iPhone Versions

Image captured from Twitter via @Slate

Apple may be gearing up for the largest iPhone, which may actually be the most expensive version. On the other hand, same report tells us there will be a cheaper version. The biggest iPhone ever is said to be a huge version of the iPhone X.

As per Independent, the flagship phone of Apple is currently building a more accessible, cheaper version as well with new colors expected to come out. The same source reported that a gold iPhone X version will be released soon, the color has been a staple to every iPhone up until the release of iPhone 8, which only had black and white options.

iPhone X Plus

The big version of the iPhone X was reported to be released along with a new version with an upgraded hardware, but will retain similar features as its predecessor. The Bloomberg report also said that a cheaper edition will retain some of the same features. The iPhone X Plus will be much bigger than the current iPhone Plus phones, as the iPhone X is actually slightly bigger than the iPhone 8 and smaller by a bit than the 8 Plus. The new, bigger phone is expected to have a 6.5-inch screen. However, the iPhone X Plus will probably be the most expensive one after the iPhone X.

Other features include:

  • A screen resolution of 1,242 by 2,688 pixels.
  • An OLED display, similar to what the current iPhone X has.
  • Face ID scanner.
  • An A12 processor.

Cheaper iPhone 8

A less expensive alternative, close to the iPhone SE strategy, is also in the works in place of the iPhone 8 taking its design from the latest iPhone X model. Some of the more expensive features, like the OLED screen and the stainless steel material, will be left out, though.

KGI Securities Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo said that the cheaper phone will have 6.1-inch screen, but will not have the 3D touch feature.

Watch the video of Mark Gurman, as reported in Bloomberg, upon the reveal of the three models set to be released by Apple this year:

For the three phones, additional features below are expected:

  • iOS 12.
  • Upgraded augmented reality capabilities.
  • Deeper integration of the Siri assistant.
  • Animojis in FaceTime.

The Bloomberg report also cited a dual-sim possibility, but is still up for discussion as they can also opt to wait for the E-SIM Technology to be well-received by the carriers.