Korean actor Kim Ji-soo touched by Filipinos’ love for KDramas, shares ideal Valentine’s day

Image capture from Marlly Bondoc's Twitter post
  • Strong Girl Bong Soon’s Kim Ji-soo said he’s very touched by Pinoys’ love for KDramas
  • Jisoo said he feels very close to the Philippines
  • He shared his ideal Valentines day is to be with the person he can communicate and connect with

South Korean actor Kim Ji-soo, popularly called Jisoo, visited the Philippines for a concert on Saturday. In the presscon for his concert, he said he’s very touched by the warm support of Filipinos to KDramas.

“He’s very touched that Korean dramas are well-received in the Philippines and it inspires him to do better in his upcoming projects,” Jisoo’s interpreter said based on the actor’s message.

The actor said, as per his interpreter, when he went down the airport he felt like he was back in a familiar place as he smells the country. He feels the country is very close to him.

Though Jisoo is not sure if he has a big fan base in the country, he is still very excited and happy to be back in a place that he really loves.

He disclosed his love for Filipino dishes such as classic adobo, red hot dogs, barbecue, and Jollibee.

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching, the actor said his ideal V-day is to be with the person he can communicate and connect with.

He would “drop some hints” first to a woman he likes then tell his feelings.

Jisoo, 24, is a member of the celebrity group of friends BYH48 with Exo’s Suho, Ryu Jun-yeol, Byun Yo-han, Lee Dong-hwi, and more.

Last year, he was one of the lead characters of Strong Woman Do Bong-soo as passionate rookie police officer In Gook-du. The series’ tagalized version was aired in the Philippines as Strong Girl Bong Soon.

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