“Kuliglig” vehicles without permit now banned in Manila

Image capture of video via YouTube GMA News
  • MTPB strictly implemented a no-permit, no operation for ‘kuliglig’ vehicles
  • Kuliglig vehicles caught without permit were impounded by MTPB
  • The impounded three-wheeled vehicles could be redeemed by securing a permit and by paying the penalty fee of Php 1,000

We might be seeing less “kuliglig” vehicles, a common mode of transportation on street sides and secondary roads, in the coming days as authorities started to strictly implement a no-permit, no operation for these informal vehicles in Manila.

According to Unang Balita, the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) authorities impounded some “kuliglig” vehicles in Binondo, Manila on Wednesday, February 20, due to lack of permit.

MTPB were able to monitor around 50 kuliglig vehicles at Jones Bridge in Binondo and seven of those don’t have permits.

According to MTPB’s team leader, Maximo Yabut, they would impound those vehicles without permits. For those kuliglig owners whose vehicles were impounded by the MTPB, they would need to visit the Manila City Hall to secure a permit and pay the penalty fee of Php 1,000 before they could get their vehicles back.

One of the kuliglig owners, Ericson Amaro, said that securing a permit is tough. He said, “Pagpunta namin sa kabila sa pagkukuhanan namin, hindi naman kami binibigyan ng permit kasi taga-ibang lugar daw kami. Pero maraming nakapasok na ibang lugar diyan.”

[When we went to another area to get a permit,  they wouldn’t give us permits as we don’t reside there, yet many were able to get in who were from other places.]

MTPB allowed kuliglig drivers to continue plying the road if they are on the list of those who have permits on their record.

Although these three-wheeled transportation vehicles aren’t allowed to drive on major roads, they could still earn by giving rides to those passengers travelling in areas far from bus stops or MRT lanes as long as they have a permits on hand.