Lawyer-complainants want Deputy Ombudsman ‘bodily removed’ from office

Image from the Office of the Ombudsman
  • A group of lawyers has urged Palace to ‘bodily remove’ Carandang from office
  • They want the suspension order enforced “through the use of necessary and reasonable force”
  • The group also want Carandang prevented from returning to his office once removed

MANILA, Philippines   – The group of lawyers who previously filed administrative complaints against Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Carandang has urged the Malacañang Palace to use the “necessary and reasonable force” to remove him from office.

In a joint motion filed on Friday afternoon, February 23, the lawyers led by Manuelito Luna, Jacinto Paras, Glenn Chong and Eligio Mallari, wanted the Office of the President to enforce the 90-day preventive suspension against Carandang immediately.

“As there is no other way to ensure compliance with the order of preventive suspension, and in view of such refusal, respondent Carandang may now be bodily or physically removed from office or physically restrained from the exercise thereof for the duration of his preventive suspension, through the use of necessary and reasonable force,” the motion read.

Last January 29, the Office of the Executive Secretary formally charged Melchor Carandang with grave misconduct and grave dishonesty and slapped for leaking confidential information on the bank accounts of the Duterte family last year.

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, however, refused to enforce the order; saying it is a violation of the Constitution as ruled by the Supreme Court in previous case.

The lawyers said, that in the absence of a temporary restraining order (TRO), the President can now direct enforcement agencies like the Philippine National Police (PNP) to implement their motion by bodily or physically removing Carandang from office.

“To prevent Carandang from returning to his office and make a mockery of the process, contingents of enforcers may be stationed at or near the entry and exit points of the Ombudsman Building, Agham Road, North Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City, and empowered to prevent such from happening,” the group added.