Lawyer survives ambush, k***s one of attackers

Image capture of video by GMA News
  • A lawyer, ambushed by three armed men, survived the attack
  • Lawyer Argel Joseph Cabatbat chased his attackers and ran them over with his vehicle
  • One of the attackers who was k****d was reportedly a cop

A lawyer who was waylaid by three armed men onboard two motorcycles at the corner of East Avenue and EDSA in Quezon City at past midnight Tuesday, February 13, survived the attack and was able to k**l one of his attackers.

As mentioned in an ABS-CBN story dated February 13, 2108, lawyer Argel Joseph Cabatbat was driving his car on the northbound lane of EDSA when the suspects appeared and fired at him.

Cabatbat who was not hit chased the suspects and ran them over. His vehicle fell on its side when he lost control of the steering wheel after he plowed into the two motorcycles.

The lawyer reportedly had some companions who traded shots with the suspects during the chase. They are now being sought by the police.

Two of the attackers were rushed to a hospital, where one of them died. The third suspect, believed to be injured, managed to escape. Cabatbat recovered a police ID of a certain Police Officer 1 (PO1) Mark Ayenas from the slain suspect.

According to National Capital Region Police Officer Director Guillermo Eleazar, they are validating the identity of the slain suspect. They are trying to determine if he’s really PO1 Ayenas.