Mang Inasal launches FB writing contest; 3 winners to get one year supply of PM1

Image by Mang Inasal Philippines
  • Mang Inasal launched a writing/comment battle titled “Tapatan Na” with the theme why Mang Inasal is significant to Filipinos
  • Three winners will be chosen and will each win a year’s supply of Mang Inasal PM1 (Paborito Meal 1)
  • The “hype” started when a netizen’s amazing review of Mang Inasal went viral on social media

Last week, a netizen, Jeremy Layson, posted a write-up about “Why Mang Inasal should be the national symbol of peace” on his Facebook account without any inkling that the popular fastfood company would even take notice; much less give him an exhilarating reward. His post became viral and it paid off!

Yes! Mang Inasal rewarded him a year’s supply and many commenters were like, “I can do that too”.


Good news! Mang Inasal announced on its official Facebook page the “Tapatan Na!” contest wherein everyone, rich or poor, may have a chance to win a year’s supply of its mouth-watering massive chicken paa with rice meal.

Contest mechanics are as follows:

  1. Post or leave a comment on the official contest post containing 200 words or less expressing WHY MANG INASAL IS SIGNIFICANT TO FILIPINOS. Posts can be in English or Filipino. Make sure to include #MangInasalTapatan.
  2. Set your post privacy to public to allow for viewing of the judges.
  3. This will be a week-long event: February 26, 2018 – March 5, 2018.
  4. Deadline of submission of entries is on March 5, 2018, 11:59 PM.
  5. Applicable to individual Facebook users only.
  6. Three winners will receive a year’s supply of PM1. (Free PM1 Meal once a week for a year.)
  7. Judging to be done by Mang Inasal Marketing Department representatives.
  8. Three most creative entries will win.


And if you’re wondering what to write for lack of ideas, you can take inspiration from this Mang Inasal review by Jeremy Layson;  the one who spurred it all:

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Kidding aside, we’re wondering if a Kicker Daily writer also gets a chicken red oil nectar of the gods reward haha!